Finalmente Tu


Finalmente Tu

Given new life following its acquisition by the Nicolaus Group, Valtur entrusted SuperHumans with the complete relaunch of its communications approach.

A new beginning

From the poster campaign to the launch events, and from the new catalogue to the rebranding of all promotional materials, this new beginning had truly global proportions.

“Finally you”

The advertising campaign’s claim simply and directly states that Valtur is back on the scene, and also heralds the return of a specific concept of holidaying: the time to actually become ourselves again.

The idea conveyed is that the beautiful places around the world have been built around the true central figure of the advertising, the traveller.

The Commercial Campaign

In the commercial campaign, in keeping with the “Finally you” campaign, we have highlighted how people are always the focus of attention of Valtur: finally everyone is free to dedicate their time 

to whatever they like. Through a multi-pronged campaign, we have showcased the potential and various characteristics of Valtur resorts.

This concept has been the common thread in all the promotional materials, including the new Valtur Catalogue.

Over one hundred pages of extensively exploring values, recommendations, and, of course, all the package holidays available.

For the relaunch, we also held a series of specially organised events in Milanese travel agencies and resorts.


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