Sotto il sole di Riccione


Sotto il sole di Riccione

Summer, Riviera Romagnola, love and friendship: on paper, the perfect movie to relate with.

The real challenge, here, was to make a wide target (14-60) fall in love with it during the crazy situation we were living in (note to future readers: wear a mask if due).

How we introduced it? With the help of Netflix’ hottest lifeguards.

With the release date getting closer, we revealed all the characters.

Which “tipo da spiaggia” are you?

Dietro il sole di Riccione: a special TV content to get in the mood for the movie.

The interview aired on Italia 1 and Cine34, followed by Sotto il sole di Riccione trailer and a marathon of classics.

In the cast we had one of the sexiest voice ever heard: Luca Ward’s one.

To engage his fans and even the more sceptical people, we asked him to transform a summer hit in a goosebumps piece.

We brought Sotto il sole di Riccione vibes also on TikTok.

We challenged Netflix’ followers to play Truth or Dare with the actors.

And theeen we realized a special ooh with a very cheesy message from Marco to Guenda.

During the whole campaign, Sotto il sole di Riccione fans were never left alone.

We published lots of content to help people to get over happily the I-have-to-know-everything-about-this-movie phase.

Hope you had a great time this summer. If not, be like Furio: have a toast to the next one.


Even outside Netflix proprietary channels the film was featured in over 8.4k content that produced over 1.5mln interactions (between July 1 and 10)

Web & blogs

More than 45 mln reach


The three best performing posts had over 3.7mln reach


The two best posts had more than 1.6mln reach and 120k engaged users


500 mentions and almost 7.5k interactions


Almost 18.5k interactions


More than 3.4 mln total views


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