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Like me now

Three unusual influencers made their appearance on WWF Italia’s Instagram channel during Christmas 2018: a travel blogger, a fashion blogger and a fitness fanatic. Everything sounds pretty normal, until you find out that they are not human.

A polar bear, a tiger and a gorilla were the leading characters of the campaign #likemenow.

By stepping into the shoes of typical influencers and taking on their personality and style (but also being far less irksome), the three endangered animal species have won the affection of hundreds of users from November to January by talking about their life and daily adventures.

It all began very light heartedly.

Story after story, our three animal friends won the hearts of followers and influencers with selfies, breathtaking landscapes and wholesome meals. But there was no reason to be envious!

As the weeks went by, stories and posts gradually became more serious and dramatic, revealing the actual problems of endangered species.

Many influencers supported the project and interacted with our three characters.

By showing the threats to their survival that they face on a daily basis, the three animals invited users to both adopt and donate.

Likes and donations came flowing in: the campaign hit over 4 million organic views.

The three influencers are still alive and kicking, having a good time either in the tropics or on the ice.


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