Fondazione EBRI Rita Levi-Montalcini

Agnosis Collection

Fondazione EBRI Rita Levi-Montalcini

Agnosis Collection

“If you can’t remember where you put your keys, don’t just think it’s Alzheimer’s. It’s when you can’t remember what the keys are for, that you should start to worry” said Rita Levi-Montalcini.

How does it feel when objects no longer make sense?

Those who are not familiar with this disease, luckily, don’t know. On the World Alzheimer’s Day, we tried to explain what agnosia is: a condition that causes the inability to recognize objects, even the most common ones.

What’s a gidello?

A few days before the World Alzheimer’s Day, we unveiled our mysterious objects, getting users very curious.

How is a fork made? What is a watch for? And how do you use a bralino?

We wanted to tell a little about the world of an Alzheimer’s patient, so we created a collection of three objects that are only apparently familiar but, in fact, are completely meaningless. Almost.

The most useful collection, if you know what it is for.

Gidello, luvetto and bralino do not exist. Or actually, they didn’t. Until they appeared on the shelves of the Esselunga in Roma Prenestino and Milano Adriano, along with a hardselling communication that invited people to buy them, taking advantage of an unmissable offer.

After an initial moment of disorientation, customers discovered the real nature of the objects and that they could donate for research.

Luvetto, bralino or gidello for only 2.99€ each, also online.

Unrecognizable unboxing

Among the latest trends to be disclosed on social networks, our objects could not be missing. This is why we sent them to a selection of influencers who, only at the end of the unboxing, would discover the real meaning of the objects, and share it with their followers.

Agnosis Collection: give it a meaning.

Supporting research is still possible. And this case history can be really useful, now that you know what it’s for. You too can give meaning to the unrecognizable objects: go to


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