The key Bimby event is transformed into a grand show.

Two days of festivities, and 1600 invited guests come together to celebrate a brand that has made technology and innovation its key ingredients.

But organising a great event was not enough, everyone wanted a grand show – and a grand show it was! We transformed the spaces of an entire Fiera Milano pavilion with light effects, three-dimensional lasers, kinetic spheres and a water curtain.

The Grand Show

It was a spectacular event that involved artists, a master of ceremonies, such guests as Fiorello, Raoul Bova, Paolo Belli and Damiano Carrara, who were all happy to liven up the mood of our marvellous dinner. Guests were also entertained by an activation initiative

linked to our concept and the Bimby payoff – “Innovation that gets your heart beating”: five mystery boxes, each one associated with a flavour, that through video-LED installations, music and aromas, provided a multisensory experience.

The result?

An enthusiastic participation from guests, culminating in the worldwide announcement of the new Bimby TM6 and presentation of the awards to the best sales representatives.

But that is not all: the next day we reorganised the pavilion spaces to create a new stage set-up to present in-depth technical details and product tests, during which guests were able to try out the new features.





8 hours

of video clips provided

250 m²

of LED panels


artists and performers

10000 m²

of space set up


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