Very Mobile

The Creation

Very Mobile

The Creation

Being able to build a brand from scratch may be the most complete experience for a group such as our.  It’s what happened with Very Mobile, a service provider part of the CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. group to which Wind Tre S.p.A. belongs.

First, we named the brand and at the same time we studied the logo and the brand identity.

Very is a versatile word that allowed us to create a new language: its strength is the ability to be mixed to the Italian, creating a memorable effect.

We designed the payoff, managing to use the word “very” with new meaning: a useful way to stick in the consumers’ heads.

The service providers sell services, the only physical product is the SIM card, for this reason it was one of the first things we created, to experience Very first-hand, other than the envelope and the letter sent to who chooses this operator.

By putting the simplicity of a brand with no frills first, we have designed a website and an app with an intuitive interface and a user experience where the simplicity is its most important feature.

Additionally, we thought about some ad hoc illustrations for the website, that will help explain the features of Very using a visual language close to the people.

Very Mobile, the campaign.

After creating Very Mobile, we thought about a disruptive campaign to introduce the brand to all the Italians. The Telco world is one of the fiercest, we are overwhelmed by all types of media. For this reason, we had to use a surprising language.

Thanks to its simplicity and affordability, Very Mobile is the service provider for all. We have therefore based our communication upon Italians’ creativity, by using real lettering for the pieces of our campaign.

With 4 TV advertisements on the Mediaset channels, 5 subjects for prerolls on Youtube, for FB posts and the Instagram stories, we introduced Very and its language to all of Italy.

Moreover, we have designed a website where people can get creative by leaving messages on virtual walls: all this to encourage people to love their own city and not dirty it.


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