Who doesn't want to live the life of a cat?


Who doesn't want to live the life of a cat?

We started from this question to create an integrated marketing campaign for Valtur, one of Italy’s leading tour operators. But what do cats have to do with holidays? More than you might think! After all, a holiday with Valtur is the closest thing there is to the life of our furry feline friends. Relaxation, food, activities, pampering. Or even lazing about and doing absolutely nothing. With Valtur, you too can live the dream life of a cat.

An integrated meow-keting campaign.

We hired Brittany, the laziest and most demanding cat, ahem, actress in the world, and put her in the role of the Valtur customer: completely satisfied in every moment of her day.

With that, an integrated television, press, digital and social media campaign was born, one that communicates the exclusive, premium Winter packages of our brand. A holiday with Valtur is thus compared to the luxurious life of a cat, showing all the different pluses that the company offers and highlighting both the quantity and quality of its services.

Because we’ve all dreamed of living the pampered life of a cat at least once. And Valtur finally gives you the chance to do it.


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