Unilever - Lysoform


Unilever - Lysoform


For the social media launch of the new washing machine detergent from Lysoform, we needed to reassure and also entertain our target audience.

Is it possible?

Before giving up, we asked for help from the two influencers most loved by mothers: The Pozzolis Family and Julia Elle were able to win over millions of followers

thanks to their natural and genuine style. With them, we decided to showcase the product through the life and daily problems of the real mothers of today.

The Series

This led to the creation of “Nel tempo di un lavaggio” [“While the clothes are washing”], a video format of 5 episodes where we show, with the help of Lysoform,

a bit of wit and creativity, how to solve the most common issues related to the worlds of play, food and, above all, stains.






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