Sensitive Spheres


Sensitive Spheres

Every year in Italy thousands of concerts take place, but more than 60,000 people cannot hear them. Only Toyota, with its ongoing commitment to innovation and constant improvement, could face the challenge of making deaf people feel the music.

The Spheres

The Sensitive Spheres have been installed for the first time this year at the Umbria Jazz 2015, for the concerts of Stefano Bollani and Paolo Fresu Brass Bang, and on the occasion of the Torino Jazz Festival 2015, which has led thousands of people to attend the opening of the TJF Fringe and the performance of My Love Supreme. Each Sensitive Sphere features a software that analyzes

multi-channel sounds in real time, associating specific visual effects and vibrations to each frequency.  Music tonalities are expressed through vibrations; lights express rhythm, while colours convey moods. For example, soft music will produce shades of red, while cold music will be blue.


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