Prime Video

The most followed Italian family as you’ve never seen it.

Prime Video

The most followed Italian family as you’ve never seen it.

Prime Video delivered us a cool brief: the international launch campaign of The Ferragnez – La Serie, the perfect guilty pleasure show that unveils Chiara and Federico’s lives behind their Instagram Stories. We gave the announcement in the typical Ferragnez style – very sober – to hype the fan base.

The second step of our journey was one for the records: to capture both the glamorous and trash side of the Ferragnez family we’ve involved a world icon, that has made of surrealism and caricatural his brand: David LaChapelle. 

In the end, we had 4 key art and with them, we were able to land another creative’s dream: NYC’s time square billboards but also maxi billboards in Paris, Madrid, Roma, Milan, and so on.

Oh wait, you didn’t see the show and now you’re curious.

Let’s say that it is a Kardashians meets Casa Vianello. Here is our trailer.

The Ferragnez – La Serie it’s the classical show that everybody sees, but no one wants to admit it.

And before the release, we noticed that on social media were plenty of bad comments on the shows from haters and skeptical people. So, to have some honest reviews we organized a premiere in a little Italian village where no one knew the Ferragnez. And it went like this.

After the first release of the show, we didn’t leave the fans alone.

We gave them the possibility to hop on the Ferragnez bus: on the second floor, we set up their iconic living room, for fans, there was no better photo opportunity. On the first floor a mini cinema where people were able to have a sneak peek at the episodes of the second release of the show.

“… tutto è iniziato con un cane e un papillon” and it ended up with our integrated campaign.


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