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Milan Airports

We believe that Milan has become “the City that Soars”. The most European city of Italy boasts two airports, and we handle their communication strategies. Linate and Malpensa, ATL and BTL advertising, the sky and the earth: thanks to SEA Milano Airports, we have the chance to engage with millions of people from every corner of the world.

The figures from Linate and Malpensa are truly astonishing.

A page is not nearly enough to present them. Therefore, we came up with a brochure that opens out into a large poster on which sophisticated forms, representing the wheels of airplanes, come together to form Milan’s Duomo. It was sent out everywhere, including China.

Cargo City is the leading hub for imports and exports in Italy, so we wanted to stress, in a humorous way, that anything can be transported at Malpensa. Absolutely everything.

When the dynamic duo of Milan and Cortina pipped Stockholm at the post to be awarded the 2026 Winter Olympic Games, we said a little hello to our Stockholmer friends with a post. (In Italian “dare una pista” means both “landing strip” and “being far better than someone else”).

For Chinese New Year, some brands available in the airports gave Chinese passengers a discount.

For 2019 and 2020, we created two creative campaigns that put the animal of the year at the forefront: the pig and the rat. The campaigns are also available in Italian, English and Chinese.

To celebrate 20 years of Malpensa, we devised a very special campaign.

We took the airport’s code, MXP, and turned it into a logo: MXXP. We then invited the public to celebrate this key anniversary with advertisements which featured them as the central figures. How was this done? Through social media, digital technologies, LCD screens and posters.

Milano Linate takes a break for renovation.

For the Linate closure, we produced a campaign divided into the key topics that the renovated airport can offer travellers.


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