When two kids mysteriously vanish from the town of Winden, Germany, it is just the beginning: time travel, temporal paradoxes and a whole host of characters, with a particular tendency to embark on impossible relationships, follow.
And if the plot seems complicated, well, that is because it truly is.

Where were we? Or, rather, when?

Almost two years after the first season, Netflix customers were crying out for the streaming company to refresh their memories – there really was too much to remember.

In fact, the first to take on this challenge was us, with a story that began with the basics: what was the blond guy called? And the blonde girl? And who is Noah?

The next step was trying to keep viewers happy. But a story brimming with paradoxes would only result in an unfeasible summary.

Everything is linked. Including the spoilers.

In the end, there was in fact something to help everyone follow the complex goings-on in Winden. Of course, it was not without its risks – like the danger of travelling into the future before the right time, for example.

The Dark site

The beginning is the end. The end is the beginning.

As the second season drew near, we took to the Garibaldi underground station in Milan, transforming it into the set for the dark time travelling of the series.

One of the characters immediately took the chance to pass through the portal and appear with their usual enigmatic style.

All the others preferred to merely show us the signs that time has carved on their faces.

Into the darkness

Finally, just a few days before the series launched, a mysterious, completely black room appeared at the Fuoricinema Fuoriserie festival in Milan.

What was going on inside? A Dark experience, to say the least.


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