New Mercedes-Benz EQC: a car to play.


New Mercedes-Benz EQC: a car to play.

For the sneak preview of the EQC, the new Mercedes-Benz electric car, we emphasised the silence of the engine by turning the car body into a musical instrument.

How was this possible?

Thanks to custom-designed sound design software and piezoelectric transmitters installed within the car body. The software allowed us to match different types of sounds by touching the vehicle: meanwhile, the sensors received the touch and turned it into music.

During the preview, a musician played the new EQC making a duet with another musician, thus giving rise to a real concert in which live music and music produced by the EQC created a symphony.

At the end of the show, the guests were invited to play the EQC and went from being spectators to protagonists of the evening.


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