Jeep x WSL


Jeep x WSL

We decided to go surfing with the best in the world. Not only does Jeep allow you to surf off-road, but also in water. We had the pleasure to be Jeep and Mopar’s partner during their sponsorship of the World Surf League, which had us on a tour from France to Portugal.

Jeep shares with the surfing world lots of values: the need for adventure and freedom, to start with. But also, the need to personalize your favorite thing in the world.

We exhibited the new Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar®, which is up for full customization. People could book a test drive from Jeep® Lounge and then live another experience in the Mopar Garage: repair and wax their board and personalized it with the original stencils created by artists and surfers Anais Schmitt and Beatriz Neves, who are specialized in graphic creations for the surf world.

The reproduction of the Jeep® logo made with sand has become a photo opportunity with a strong impact: we engaged the participants with instant cameras and giveaways. Naturally, they were also able to watch competitions from our unique lookout points.


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