The Immersive Experience


The Immersive Experience

Fincantieri is the largest shipbuilder in Europe, and one of the companies that is the pride of Italy.

You might be asking yourselves what a group like SuperHumans can do for a company like Fincantieri.

 The answer is easy: turning the excellence of its products and values into an experience worth appreciating, living and remembering.

It begins with the launch of a new ship - always a grand event.

It has to be organised, announced, experienced as something that is both engaging and strongly linked to the company. Often, we start with a concept to be explored and developed in order to build a specific identity that covers all communication elements and settings.

On the day of the ceremony, we bring guests on an immersive experience that is unique to each ship, and that is developed around technological, narrative and physical aspects. All this is done to convey Fincantieri values metaphorically and emotively through the project.


Seven Seas Splendor

Sky Princess

Carnival Panorama

Silver Moon

Enchanted Princess - Believe to See was the first major cruise ship delivery since the lockdown.

An accomplishment which Fincantieri worked hard to achieve. In fact, not only did the event convey the message of starting again, but it also marked a milestone: 100 ships built for this market since the early 1990s. 

The cruise ship delivery ceremony was an event like no other, completely renewed in its format and designed to comply with health and safety regulations, merging the live experience of the guests present with the digital one.

The idea of ​​‘enchantment’ was the starting point of the theme, expressed through extraordinary immersive videos, entrusted to six next-gen LED screens measuring over four meters each and moved by Kinesys robot arms.

The eight Fincantieri shipyards were connected in bidirectional live streaming so that all employees could participate in the event.


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