Enel Group

New energies, new messages.

Enel Group

New energies, new messages.

Enel Group is a multinational energy company and we gave power to its BTL communication for both corporate and commercial messages. Working together with the various departments of the Group, we turned into communication material the most imperceptible thing there is: energy.

Data is power in our hands.

Enel employees work with data every day, but they weren’t fully aware of its importance. After all, how can you acknowledge your most useful tool if everything you see is a bunch of numbers?

We conveyed the true value of data through a campaign with a human-centric message: it’s only in our hands that data, from mere numbers, becomes power.

We came up with engaging materials like an emotional video, office decorations and a deck of glossary cards with the main terms of the data vocabulary.

In today’s world, sustainability is key.

Enel Green Power, the global leader in renewable energies, needed to restyle its commercial BTL materials to convey its sustainability message up to modern standards. The aim was to give the materials a fresher look while making their leading selling points clearer to customers.

For this purpose, we used info-design to create a visual storytelling where data, text and visual coexist harmoniously and effectively.

e-distribuzione, the Enel Group’s company which is a leader in the distribution of electricity in Italy, wanted to valorize the territory and the employees’ work across the Country.

That’s why we have created an innovative concept: Cabine d’Autore. The project has transformed the electrical substations into true canvases for Street Art, combining sustainability, innovation, and respect for the environment, the main company’s values.


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