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Pride Month

Unilever - Ben&Jerry's

Pride Month

According to data from the OECD concerning the rights and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, Italy is heading in the wrong direction – our progress is slipping.

Hate can be found everywhere: on the streets, online, in the newspapers. It is more common now than the ubiquitous selfie stick.

We know that we do not get to choose our preferences, which is why we have decided that during Pride Month we will fight poor taste with the sweetness of Ben&Jerry’s ice creams.

We set off from Rome to Milan, where we hopped on a float with Karma B. Because hate is hate, but thankfully love is love as well, and love always conquers all.

After the two Pride events, we did not measure our engagement or the reach of our posts on social media, or all those other things that are analysed following a great project. All we needed to know is that we had more than a million people alongside us!

And from the happy looks and smiles on their faces, it all seemed to go rather well.


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