Algorithms provide us with plenty of data today. If you unpack them all, you get back to our most inspiring source of ideas: people.

Our creative thinking sticks to their actions, their feelings, their stories. Artificial intelligence fascinates us but we still cheer for team ‘human’ and for the human factor. That’s what keeps us excited, whatever the challenge. And the reason why we called ourselves SuperHumans.

SuperHumans was launched in 2015 when four friends, Luca Albanese, Paolo Platania, Richard Ercolani and Francesco Taddeucci, came together to launch a new venture. Harnessing the extensive experience acquired with multinational agencies, and embracing the transition from the pre-Internet era to the digital revolution, we sought to pool some of the best solutions we had come across in our careers in one single place.

We did our utmost to apply the approach that worked best for the age of speed and integration: cross-cutting thinking, always triggered by genuine insights that has the potential to spread with its very power to become crucial for both the brand and consumers.
It has been no easy feat.
In fact, it has taken us several years to feel truly satisfied with our work.

___ We are aware that a happy, positive workplace results in an improved output, and this is something we hold very dear to us in every single moment.

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